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Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check how much a breed sheds​ before making a final decision​ so they are well prepared for their new pet​'s​ presence in the home. a breeder that you know that you can trust And you know they know what their doing. It was during the last century when China's borders opened that fiercer breeds were introduced to the country which included the Bulldog and Mastiffs which were then mated to local dogs that the Shar Pei became less popular as a fighting breed in their native China. Over time with careful and selective breeding, these issues have been successfully bred out of the Shar Pei with breeders producing dogs with longer legs, not so many folds in their skin and much healthier eyelids. Shar pei pups . Thus encouraging an industry around breeding puppies that aren’t in the best health. Shar-Pei are serene dogs, but they will meet a perceived threat with tenacity and vigor. Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check out a breed's intelligence and their specific energy needs before making their final decision so their dog's needs fit in well with their lifestyle. Canine elbow dysplasia in different breeds. They boast moderately broad, slightly padded muzzles and lips. The Shar Pei is a sturdy, solid and compact dog with very short hair. Although make sure that the children don’t become too boisterous as they won’t put up with it. For further advice please read our article on Keeping Children Safe around Dogs. He is the best dog I have ever had! For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. As a rough guide, Shar Pei puppies can be fed the following amounts every day to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly: Once a puppy is 11 months old they can be fed adult dog food as shown below. I loved them all and they went to tje vets for shots but we did not have too many issues at all.. they were all great and my kids and grandkids were raised around them. They can be very wary and aloof when they meet anyone for the first time, but would not show any sort of aggression towards a stranger, preferring to just keep out of the way. Your dog should also be introduced to a variety of humans at an early age including men, women and children. The area should not be too out of the way because a puppy needs to know someone is around and that they are not all alone in a strange environment away from their mothers and their litter mates. This saw the breed become more of a "home" dog that was kept for reasons other than fighting. Dysplasia will cause the dog to have problems with movement and tends to be quite painful, and it may require surgical treatment. Their eyes are almond-shaped, medium in size, dark in colour with dogs having their trademark frowning expression. He is the same with strangers; if they want to pet him he is not always keen on it but if its not about him he wants the attention. I have a friend that wants to give me a female sharpei. I got my Buddy almost 13 years ago from a friend whose doorsteps he showed up on in 29 Palms, California. The breed resembles many dog breeds from the mastiff family; however, it is most closely related to spitz breeds, with the Chow Chow being its closest relative. They are taller and generally more ‘normal’ looking than more exaggerated examples of the breed. Cali is the best chow shar pei mix dog whom has lived a long life spoiled rotten! It was estimated that very few of these dogs were still alive in China and there were only around 30 living in the USA and Canada. We have a Motorhome and traveled with our animals. Sharpei dogs can be a handful and they are not recommended for first time dog owners or those with young children. The Shar Pei is a short-coated medium-sized breed of dog, renowned for its excessively wrinkled skin. We have a blue dilute sharpei and his name is Smokey (gray colored). Click the Shar Pei coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). I would never have any other kind of dog!!! The cost of insuring a male 3-year-old Shar Pei in northern England would be £61.43 a month for basic cover but for a lifetime policy, this would set you back £137.13 a month (quote as of August 2017). They are quite compact and square, but very powerful looking showing a lot of bone. They also tend have obscured eyes, and they are heavier and stockier. Setting things up for their arrival means puppy-proofing not only the home, but the garden too. Yes, it will be spayed or neutered, but it’ll be a sweet and devoted friend. This is most clearly seen with the two breeds both possessing unique blue-black tongues. I am in my 60’s and ready for a more laid back large dog. i have 2 dogs of my own that are not aggressive but do play rough with each other. These dogs have evolved to be highly intelligent with some breeds being more than capable of working for extremely long periods of time. No, they are among the most popular dogs in the UK and elsewhere in the world thanks to their adorable looks and kind, loving natures. A sign of their ongoing health problems. The average life expectancy of a Shar Pei is between 9 and 15 years when properly cared for and fed an appropriate good quality diet to suit their ages. Narojek et al. 2011. Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Cost to Keep". Apart from purchasing a puppy or dog, there are other expenses that need to be factored into owning and caring for them correctly. He has only gone to the bathroom inside a couple times when he was alone and feeling ill and he felt terrible about doing it. Similar Images . who I just lost on Sunday due to old age. The "Withers" on a dog, are the highest point of the shoulder blades. Neepsend, Sheffield. This refers to a build up in the dogs liver, kidneys, spleen and/or gastrointestinal tract, and this can prove fatal. Olson et al. The original had only has small wrinkles around the face. I just adopted a 4-year old Shar-Pei mix from the local shelter after losing my long term Lab to cancer. She is looking for an adult home and would like to be the only dog in the family. Look at pictures of Shar Pei puppies who need a home. The average life span of was as stated above although we had quite a few live to 13. The Shar Pei is a very loyal and affectionate dog by nature even though they may always have a frown on their faces. Brachycephalic problems are not as extreme as the Pug or other breeds with smaller noses, but it is still a valid concern. These dogs retain their ‘puppy-ish look’ into adulthood and they tend to keep more of their wrinkles. They are well known for their extreme wrinkled skin, which comes in a variety of colors. It is a sad but true fact that dog breeding is not always in the dog’s best interest. It's also important to check a dog's eyes and to clean them when necessary. I disagree alot with what this little guide states in regards to their temperaments. The reason for this is that many older dog's hearing is not as good as it once was. Even if the second dog is actually healthier. Shar Peis are always quick to let an owner know when they don't like something that is going on in their environment and because they are wary of strangers, they would always react to when people they don't know are around. Things took a turn for the worse during the 20th century. Their topline dips a little just behind the withers before rising to a dog's short, but broad loin. He came housebroken! With this said, they are also known to like to keep themselves and their environment clean and providing their folds and creases are kept nice and clean, Shar Peis rarely have that "doggy" smell about them. Many potential owners worry about buying a puppy that is bred to have conformational problems. However, not ever home is suited to a rescue dog. This image is reinforced by the very large head. 7 beautiful Shar Pei puppies available: 4 males: •1 black - £2100 •1 cream - £2100 •1 apricot - £2100 •1 lilac - £2100 3 females: •1 chocolate (Reserved) •1 cream - £2200 •1 apricot £2200 All... Favourite this Advert. Pets4homes always recommends that potential dog owners calculate just how much it would cost to keep and care for a dog making sure they are fed the right kind of food to suit the different stages of their lives which helps ensure they stay healthy right through to their golden years. The Shar Pei has a compact, sturdy body with a broad, deep chest and short, strong back. In contrast, American bred Shar Pei’s have very wrinkly faces, they have a distinctively large ‘hippopotamus head’. Finding insurance cover for a Shar Pei can be quite hard, but some companies will agree to offer cover to the breed. Some breeds are not tolerant of children at all, whilst other are exceptionally good around children of all ages and will tolerate being pulled about, they put up with noisy environments when kids shout, scream and chase around like toddlers and younger children often do. This would set you back between £50 - £70 a month. Thanx for the loving messages. However, they will think nothing of chasing a cat they do not know and if they catch them, it would end in disaster. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. I’m 62 and have only had Shar Pei for 15 years. Animal Genetics Journal. Height at the withers: Males 46 - 56 cm, Females 46 - 56 cm, Average weight: Males 25 - 29 kg, Females 18 - 25 kg. If you have small children or are planning them in the near future, another breed may be better suited to you. This saw a rapid drop in breed numbers a dilemma that was not helped by the introduction of extremely high taxes for anyone who owned dogs on China's mainland. Shar Pei mix at the old castle . Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 3 out of 5 for "Amount of Shedding". The one thing that may turn someone off adopting is that the dogs are likely to be adults rather than puppies. Original ‘bone-mouth’ Chinese Shar Peis were less wrinkly (especially in the face), they were also more athletic. Overall, today's pedigree dogs appear somewhat bulkier than their ancestors. He’s so mean but he can’t be blamed. Houseproud people should choose a low shedding breed to make their lives easier and there are a lot ​of low shedding breeds ​to choose from. Joint problems will normally become apparent by the age of two years old. Shar Pei,adult dogs and puppies Fortunately, and through the concerted efforts of American breeders, the Shar Pei was saved from extinction with the first dog arriving on British shores in 1981 with female Shar Peis following close behind a year later and they came directly from the Hong Kong breeder Matgo Law. He was not exposed to people or dogs much in the desert and prefers women. All dogs have mites living in their skin and it is normally harmless. The Bear coats are fluffy little creatures with a top coat which is longer than 1 inch. I have just got a shar pei 4 months old Floyd. However, positive reinforcement training and great socialization can help improve your odds. Medium and large size breeds are often better suited to families with children, although it's important to note that not all breeds tolerate being roughly handled by younger kids. However, a breeder promoted the Shar Pei outside of China which luckily saved the breed from extinction although at that time, these dogs were classed as one of the rarest breeds in the world. A lot of breeds are easy maintenance on the grooming front and only need a weekly brush to keep their coats looking good and their skin in great condition. As such by the fifties, there were very few Shar Peis left in China with only a few being found on islands like Hong Kong and Macao. The breed often suffers from problems in their joints, especially their hips and elbows, and this may develop into hip or elbow dysplasia. Socialization and special care of their skin are vital. But they’ve both been very “typey”, and my first one had multiple health problems that are common in the breed. Training an adult Shar Pei Having completed the basic level of dog training with your Shar Pei, you will likely notice the level of intelligence that this dog carries. To check out our puppies click on the Nursery tab, then give us a call 704-340-2771 with all your questions.We look for families that are wanting a loyal , healthy , & beautiful companion for a pet . Including red, black, cream, apricot, chocolate, brown and blue. The condition predisposes affected individuals to forms of chronic conjunctivitis causing epi… The Shar Pei is not the best choice for first time dog owners because they need to be handled and trained by people who are familiar with the breed and their very specific needs, bearing in mind that they can be quite hard to train because the Shar Pei is quite stubborn and wilful when the mood takes them. Apart from these expenses, there's pet insurance to consider which lots of owners choose to take out just in case their dogs fall sick or get injured. I have had sharpei for many years, 5 different colors at the same time, my Minga lived to be 16 years old, my bridgette was born blind due to trying to get a tea cup, didn’t work but she lived to be 14, my MarCedez was blue and the largest at 156 pounds lived till age 13, harley was black he died at age 7 kidney issues, and Izabella died at 18 month because the first owner abused her and we tried but it was too late. Butt that’s a different story. Their loose and wrinkly skin may be one of their biggest selling points, but it can also cause a multitude of problems. All dogs shed whether it's hair or dander (dead skin) with some breeds shedding more than others. Some breeds are known to be highly intelligent which generally means they are easier to train and that they learn new things quickly. Once a puppy is settled into their new homes, it is safe to change their diets, but as previously touched upon, it needs to be done gradually and carefully to avoid any tummy upsets. Here are a few to get you off on the right foot: Although Shar Pei puppies have a lot of appeal, they aren’t healthy and they do have temperament concerns. Shoulders are well laid back, sloping and muscular. PLOS Genetics. There are many dog rescue homes which take in dogs for a multitude of reasons and all of these dogs need a secure and loving home. Shar-Pei Gifts: Totally Pawsome Shar-Pei Dad Mug - Thoughtful Christmas, Secret Santa, Birthday or Father's Day Shar-Pei Shar Pei Sharpei Dog Gift Idea! The History Of China’s Anti Dog Campaigns. These dogs can be found with a variety of different colored coats. Potential buyers should never buy a puppy unseen and should never pay a deposit or any other money online to a seller. If you would like to own a Shar Pei dog you might want to look into adoption. As with any other breed, the Shar Pei needs to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats and skin are kept in top condition. The head is large compared to his body, the skull is wide and flat, the top of his beak is a little accentuated. Although mixes don’t guarantee less loose skin, if you pick the right one then the likelihood is reduced. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £11.99 £ 11 . Without allowing dogs with less exaggerated characteristics to breed at all. They may have aggression because of old owner at first. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 2008, Strain G. Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations in dog breeds at risk. Statuettes of dogs have been found in China that date back from 206 BC to 220 AD which was the time of the Han Dynasty and even today visitors to certain regions of the country will still see Shar Pei working alongside their owners whether hunting, herding or guarding. The dogs will normally have fairly detailed personality charts which will help you determine whether that particular dog is right for you. Barely recognizable from the dog we know, it is not predisposed to Shar Pei fever. Not every Shar Pei will be dangerous, but the odds may be worse than with other breeds. Necks are moderately long, full and strong sitting well on a dog's shoulders with a little loose skin underneath being allowed. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy? This included a photograph of one. You can change a puppy's diet, but this needs to be done very gradually always making sure they don't develop any digestive upsets and if they do, it's best to put them back on their original diet and to discuss things with the vet before attempting to change it again. Now suffering from some kind of cancer in her leg. The Chinese Shar Pei boasts being one of the most ancient breeds on the planet and were originally bred to hunt, guard and herd in their native China although they were often used as fighting dogs too. Shar Pei puppies tend to be very wrinkly, but as they get older their skin straightens out somewhat. I would love to have her but I love her personality as she is now. Thanks to careful and selective breeding, the Shar Pei has become a popular choice with many people not only here in the UK but in other regions of the world and breeders have successfully bred out many of the health issues that once plagued the breed so much. Older dogs are not known to be fussy or finicky eaters, but this does not mean you can feed them a lower quality diet. Over 200 people wrote letters to the magazine, most of which came from people who wanted to buy these dogs. As a guide, an adult dog should be offered an hour of exercise daily, though he will happily accept more. Entropion requires surgery to repair and some Shar-peis require multiple surgeries. Their numbers steadily rose over the following years with Shar Peis being exported to other countries which included New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Russia and Cyprus to name but a few. You can read our generic puppy/dog advice here which includes making sure you see the puppy with its mother and to verify that the dog has been wormed and microchipped. Ears are set high and are small, thick and triangular shaped with slightly rounded tips, they fold downwards towards a dog’s eyes. Like so many other breeds, the Shar Pei is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you are planning share your home with one of these active and unique looking dogs. Coco is very loving once she trusts you, loves her walks and will bound around playfully. This breed’s average lifespan is reported as 8 to 12 years. The breeds plight was not well known until it was illustrated in an American magazine entitled ‘Dogs’ in May 1971. 2014. Frequent visits to the vet also helps catch any health issues earlier rather than later which often means the prognosis is a lot better for a dog. CH RICKETTS SRIRACHA DUMPLING GOES MARGEM “CHA CHA” FEMALE – RED BRUSHCOAT PENN HIP NORMAL DOB 06-06-15 The Veterinary Journal, Schalamon et al. If regular grooming is neglected it can result in irritations, sores and even mold. However, care should be taken when they are around younger children and toddlers just in case playtime gets too rough and someone gets knocked over and hurt. He is very smart and I only had to tell him things once. A study of Shar-Pei dogs refutes association of the ‘meatmouth’ duplication near HAS2 with Familial Shar-Pei Fever. As a owner of a sharpei, it is so rare to find such a rare dog at a shelter. At all, but a lot of American BREEDERS HAVE CAUSED these sad health problems in Shar Pei. I think the dog foods I bought were too rich, I have cooked rice and mixed it with tuna and canned vegetables for many years now. The Shar Pei has a compact, sturdy body with a broad, deep chest and short, strong back. Only use a breeder that is happy to show you clear health tests, and is clearly knowledgeable about the potential problems. Owners with Shar Peis that enjoy swimming must take care when walking their dogs anywhere near more dangerous watercourses just in case their pets decide to leap in. You will find a list of rescues at the bottom of this page. It’s important to do your homework when getting any type of dog and understanding what their needs may be. The Shar Pei is an intelligent dog, but they need to be handled and trained with a firm yet fair hand. The ‘bone-mouth’ Shar Pei which is also known as the ‘original’ is much less wrinkled. These dogs have a harsh, ‘horse hair style’ coat. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to However, all children need to be taught how to behave around dogs, how to handle them and when it is time to leave a dog alone which is especially true when it's meal time. The dogs we see today are less wrinkled and taller in the leg than the original dogs that first came out of China and back in the seventies, they were considered one of the rarest breeds in the world. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. Dogs with lighter coats can have lighter coloured eyes which is allowed.

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